Сhildhealth municipal multidisciplinary clinical center of high medical technology named after K.A. Rauhfus
Clinic named after N.I. Pirogov
Dr. Kuprins' Clinic

Federal Government Budgetary Institution Research and Clinical Сhildhealth orthopedic Institute named after G.I.Turner
INTAN Center of implantation and dentistry

International Centre for Reproductive Medicine

Maternity hospital #2 «Maternity hospital on Furshtatskaya»
Medical Institute named after Berezin Sergey
MEDSI Clinic
Multidisciplinary hospital Scandinavia

Railway Clinical Hospital «RZD»

Saint Petersburg municipal budgetary healthcare institution «Kurortny District Municipal Hospital №40»

SMT Clinics

The Almazov National Medical Research Center

The L.G. Sokolov Memorial Hospital №122

The MEDI clinic system
MSH Road Clinical Hospital of OAO "Russian Railways"
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