Cardiology is a branch of medical science that studies the methods of diagnosis and treatment
pathological conditions of the heart and blood vessels. According to WHO, among all deaths
the number of deaths with a cardiologic diagnosis is on the 2nd place, yielding
only malignant neoplasms.
At present, the field of cardiology is actively developing, new methods are emerging
treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Daily in St. Petersburg more
100 complicated heart operations, improving the quality of life of patients and increasing
duration of their life.
The internationally recognized center providing treatment to patients with cardiological
pathology, is the National Medical Research Center. V.A. Almazov.
Oncology is a section of medical science that studies malignant neoplasms
organs and systems of man. Today, thanks to modern methods of treatment and
highly skilled personnel saves life and the quality of life oncological sick.
In St. Petersburg are the largest cancer centers in Europe:
- National Medical Research Center. N.N. Petrova;
- City Clinical Oncology Center;
- Research Institute of Pediatric Oncology. Hematology and transplantology them.
R.M. Gorbachev's;
- Medical Institute. Berezina Sergey (Center for Proton Therapy), etc.
Gynecology is a section of medical science that studies diseases specific to the body
women. According to statistical research, more than half of women in reproductive
age suffer from gynecological diseases.
However, with a timely appeal to a specialist, most diseases successfully
It is treated, not complicating the further life of the patient.
In the clinics of St. Petersburg, you can get diagnosed and receive treatment for all types of gynecological diseases, both therapeutic and surgical profile.
Extracorporeal fertilization (IVF) is an auxiliary reproductive technology in which the processes of fertilization of the ovum and the initial stages of embryo development occur in the laboratory.
Currently, IVF is the most effective technology to overcome infertility, the procedure can be performed using donor sex cells and used in the surrogate motherhood program. IVF also allows you to reserve embryos and germ cells for the subsequent birth of children in case of illness of one of the parents.
In the clinics of St. Petersburg, participating in the state program of medical tourism, only safe and at the same time highly effective technologies are used that allow the full cycle of IVF to be realized.
Ophthalmology is an area of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.
Vision is one of the most important feelings of a person. With the help of it, a person receives about 80% of information about the world around him. With its reduction and complete loss, the quality of life is significantly reduced.
Today, ophthalmology is one of the most actively developing sections of medicine in St. Petersburg. Existing methods of laser correction of vision and eye surgery in many cases can completely restore vision.
Pediatric surgery
Pediatric surgery - unit of medicine, studying chronic and acute diseases, which are subject to treatment with the help of surgical intervention.
Pediatric surgery is one of the most complex subsections of medicine and is associated with a very large number of children's surgical pathologies.
For specialists of children's clinics in St. Petersburg, the health of young patients is the greatest value. Therefore, in the treatment of children, doctors are guided by an integrated approach to treatment and quality control of medical services.
Earlier recognition of developmental and surgical diseases in newborns and children allows for complex surgical interventions regardless of operational risk.
Complex diagnostics
Complex diagnostics - examination of the body, which includes consultations of doctors, laboratory and instrumental diagnostics.
Complex diagnostics will help to identify health problems before they begin to pose a danger to the body.
In the clinics of St. Petersburg, integrated programs were developed by experts on the basis of the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, as well as taking into account the sex and age of patients and the appropriateness of carrying out certain studies.
Специальная диагностика
Специальные методы диагностики (параклинические методы диагностики) обладают высоким диагностической ценностью и позволяют осуществлять комплексное обследование больного для более точного установления диагноза.
Данные методы диагностики и лечения оказывается врачами-специалистами в организациях Санкт-Петербурга.
Стоматология — раздел медицины, посвященный лечению, диагностике и предупреждению заболеваний полости рта, зубов и смежных анатомических зон. Современный уровень развития стоматологической помощи в Санкт-Петербурге помогает сохранить здоровые зубы до глубокой старости, а в случае потери зубов в результате травмы или болезни — полностью восстановить функцию и эстетику зубочелюстной системы.
Косметология — область медицины, изучающая эстетические проблемы организма человека, их этиологии, проявления и методы коррекции, также — свод методик, направленных на коррекцию эстетических проблем внешности человека.
Большая часть способов воздействия и методов лечения в клиниках Санкт-Петербурге базируется на достижениях дерматологии, физиотерапии, восстановительной медицины, косметической химии, а в последние годы, и на достижениях ортопедии.
Пластическая хирургия
Сегодня пластическая хирургия – это одно из направлений, которое интенсивно развивается в Санкт-Петербурге, появляются все новые высокотехнологичные методики, специальное оборудование для проведения вмешательств.
В наши дни пластическая хирургия пользуется феноменальным успехом во всем мире. Пластика давно перестала быть роскошью и вошла в будни множества людей, стремящихся сохранить молодость и красоту.
Различные виды медицинской помощи, оздоровления и лечения предлагают лучшие клиники в Санкт-Петербурге, а врачи-специалисты с удовольствием составят для Вас индивидуальную программу лечения.
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